Our Story

Hi, Welcome to Lzugo Shop !

We are on a mission to save other pet owners the anguish we felt when our beloved dog got out from under us and ended up lost. While we understand the importance of “ chipping “ your forever friend, we have also experienced the delay this will cause. The delay in securing the dog, hoping someone will keep him secure, take him to a nearby veterinarian and having the chip read for contact information. The time missed with your beloved friend whether minutes, hours or days feels like an eternity. I remember scouring the streets both day and night looking for our lovely. We asked neighbours and passer-byers if they saw him. It wasn’t until someone notified us that, yes! They saw our dog trembling in the street that we were able to be reunited with him.

During this very frantic time in our lives, we vowed that we would do everything possible to never allow this to happen again, and if it did, through no fault of our own, our dog would be equipped with the proper and pertinent information needed to reach us upon someone discovering him. We thought about pet ID tags and had purchased several. Some, the vinyl lettering and information easily came off in extreme heat or after being around water. We found that the same was happening with other brands that were printed. Over a short period of time the printing would fade and make them illegible which was not helping our cause. We hunted for what seemed like months to find the proper tag where the information would not easily come off. This is how Happy Paws began to form.

LzugoShop was created out of love and necessity to keep our beloved pets safe and returned home in the event they wonder. We quickly realized that the only durable tag would be a tag that was custom, personalized and ENGRAVED. Engraving can never wear off like vinyl or printed tags will. We wanted to create tags that were not only informative but also fashionable and did not get in the way of a pet’s daily activities. A tag that would affix to any collar, for any breed, and even on cat collars.

We began creating prototypes and introduced them to many elements. From water, pet sweat, pool water and other natural elements. When they passed our durability test, we kept them on our pets for extended periods of time to ensure they were comfortable, fashionable and did not scratch, annoy or cause any irritation to our pets and the other pets that were trying them out. Over time we perfected not only the designs, but the sizes and how deep the engraving would go to ensure the most legible writing we could provide.

We knew that not only were pet tags important to us, but they were just as important to other pet owners who love their pets as much as we do. Happy Paws was created out of love, compassion and the deep desire to reunite pets back to their owners as quickly as possible. We offer a variety of designs and are always adding new options, variations and designs to our storefront.

Using only the finest quality materials that have stood tried and true to our specifications. They are durable and sleek. Pets and pet owners love them. We hope that you have enjoyed our story, but more importantly we hope that you love our Pet ID Tags as much as we love creating them for you.

Our store offers Personalized Metal Pet Tags. We aim to create a wide range of exclusive designs in order to give every buyer the chance to have an unique relation with the significance of the design.

We are not a company, we are a team of happy people who share their creativity with the whole world. ❤ We care and we make sure that each tag is properly drawn up to the smallest detail. Pieces are made from a durable metal and are deep engraved, so that the smallest family member will be safe in the house and on long and adventurous travels.

Let's start creating your sweety story here!

We hope you will enjoy discovering new tags ideas and will find the best designs for your pet temperament.

Thank you so much!